What is a “Mucker”?

Montana Mucker courses will challenge participants with a series of natural and man-made obstacles that will leave folks completely covered in some of the cleanest dirt in the lower 48. A moderate level of fitness should suffice for most participants. The roughly three-mile courses are setup as a fun challenge, but not endurance tests. Figure on encountering some two dozen obstacles as you travel the route, including stream crossings, commando-style rope climbs, hurdles, cargo net climbs, slippery slopes, and of course mud—lot’s of it. Be prepared to slog, slide, jump, stumble and crawl before you reach the finish.

Participants will set off in waves about every 20 minutes. The first wave of the day will be a competitive heat with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places awarded. The other waves won’t be timed. They’re not races. The object of the game is for everybody to get as goofy wearing running shoes as they ever have or will again. Besides the shoes, give some consideration to the rest of your attire, too. We have consistently observed that accoutrements like pink leotards, superhero capes, and wedding dresses seem to help people create and maintain the most delightful frame of mind. Just don’t expect to wear your Mucker outfit again. Learn more about us.

How do I get mucked up?

You can get your filth on June 25 at Helena’s Great Divide Ski Resort. There are two ways to sign up. You can register in-person at Bob Ward and Sons in Helena, or register online by clicking the link below:

Can kids muck it up?

For the junior members of the Mucker clan, there will be a kid-sized version of the course, known as the Mighty Mucker, complete with water features, hurdles, and enough mud to cover them from head to toe. The Mighty Mucker course will cover about a mile, and it won’t be suitable for toddlers. But for high energy scamps who love grime (and you know your kid will), it will be the sloppy highlight of the summer. Expect priceless pics in the aftermath. The Mighty Muckers will follow the adult events. Restricted to kids aged 12 and under. Those concerned parents who want more information, feel free to email us at mighty@montanamucker.com. To register your Mighty Mucker, simply click on that option on the race registration page.

Where does my money go?

The folks behind the Muckers, Big Sky Orogenic Racing and Events, or BSORE, make their beds in Missoula, and they’re Montana through-and-through. BSORE prides itself on its distinctive, high-energy events, its strong local relationships, and its deep appreciation for Montana and its people. And that goes especially for the charitable partners in each community. A portion of each Mucker registration will go to them, so everybody’s good time will help support a good cause and raise awareness of some of the important work being done in our communities.

What comes with registration?

Each Mucker participant will receive a swell t-shirt and a race packet full of valuable goodies from our sponsors! (Note that we recommend tight fitting clothing/costumes for the actual race so you don’t get mud places mud’s never seen!) You can always put your cool new tee on for the after-party, or purchase a different one at the merchandise table. You will also get some bad-ass eye black stickers, an official race bib you can keep as a souvenir, and the good feeling of donating to a local charity.

Can I register as an individual or do I have to join a team?

Although asking the stranger next to you to hoist you over a wall may feel a bit awkward, you are more than welcome to go at it alone! Just select the individual option on the registration page.

How does team registration work?

You’ll first have to decide on a fun and witty team name. Then, when it’s time to register, you’ll select the team option and enter your team name in the respective box. All that’s left is to figure out how ridiculous your costumes are going to be on race day (completely optional of course…but way more fun to ruin in the mud).

Where do I get my free swag and race packet?

Packet pickup will be the Thursday and Friday prior to each race at the local Bob Ward’s location from 10am-6pm, or at the event prior to your heat. Plan to show up an hour before your scheduled heat. All registrants must be present to receive their packets. Packets cannot be given to family or friends. Be prepared to show identification. All registrants, even those pre-registering on-line, must sign liability and release waivers when checking in to receive their bib.

What if I want to switch teams, join an existing team after I’ve registered or have any other registration questions?

Montana Mucker has partnered with Missoula-based racesandfaces.com for registration. You can contact Lance at lance@racesandfaces.com and he will work out all the muddy bugs.


What if I want to stay for the post-party but don’t want to be muddy?

Prior to the race, you can put a clean set of clothes in your gear bag and check it in at the “Gear/Key Check-In” area located next to the registration tent. After you cross the finish, you’ll find cold, open-air showers nearby where you can rinse off. Please observe the proprieties, folks, and try not to flash your fellow finishers. Or at least refrain from taking pictures of people you don’t know. There are probably laws about those kind of things, even in Montana.

What if I want to take pictures but don’t want to ruin my camera?

There will be photographers located throughout the course and at the finish line to capture all the muddy madness. If you choose to bring your own camera, we recommend a dry-bag to place it in….or just leave it to the professionals.

What do the winners receive?

The first race wave will be a competitive heat with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers receiving prizes courtesy of BobWards. Besides that a day full of fun, love, mud and magic, heck, we are ALL winners here! Montana Muckers are non-timed, noncompetitive events (feel free however to challenge those around you) built to test your athleticism all-the-while having a blast doing it!

What about the weather? Are the Muckers non-refundable?

Mucker registrations aren’t refundable, and we plan to run, rain or shine. The point is to see how muddy you can get, right? The way we see it, the more wet we get, the more fun we’ll have!

What if I just want to volunteer?

We couldn’t hold an event like this without a herd of helpful volunteers. And every volunteer earns money for our charitable partners just by showing up. If you want to pitch in, click on the volunteer link/s under the Get Involved section of our website, and we’ll find a way to put you to work. Bring a friend. It’s always more fun to work for free with a muddy buddy.

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